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Is it just me, or does the discourse in the powerlifting and bodybuilding community have the same effect on lifters’ perception of “strong” or “jacked” that photoshopping or airbrushing has on womens’ perception of beauty?

Here’s a newsflash: for the general public, a 225 bench and 315 squat are pretty darn strong for a male, and a 95 bench and 185 squat are pretty darn strong for a female.
Pick a commercial gym at random. You’ll find MAYBE 3-5 people who lift those weights out of hundreds of total members.
Sure, most of them aren’t training for pure strength, but I’d wager that if they were, most of them would still fall short of those standards.


-Greg Nuckols (via FB)

Sometimes I forget that I’m actually strong because spend so much time comparing myself to people who are so much stronger than me.  I need to take more time recognizing my accomplishments.

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I agree with this wholeheartedly, because you should always put things into perspective. BUT. If you never aim to beat the best you’ll never BE the best.

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Logan shuffles closer to her again, his eyes never leaving her. Veronica doesn’t move. She looks away, clears her throat and finally looks back at him, uncomfortable and uncertain. Logan leans his head closer to her. He reaches out and strokes her cheek. Veronica shivers slightly, sighs deeply and stares up at him. Logan leans closer and closer, about to kiss her. Veronica struggles to breath.

Script to page, 2.20 Look Who’s Stalking. 

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female awesome meme: favorite female dynamics [2/25]
     ↳ Breyton; One Tree Hill
"I wanna have a baby."
"With me?"

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Fun at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.


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"If you were to press your heart close up against somebody else’s heart eventually your hearts will start beating at the same time. And two little babies in an incubator, their hearts will beat at the same time. Love that. So if you have somebody in your life that is prone to anxiety, like myself, and if you happen to be a calm person, you could come up and hug me heart to heart and my heart hopefully would slow to yours. And I just love that idea. Or maybe yours would speed up to mine. But either way, we’ll be there together."



Actors that don’t have the same accent as their characters fuck with my head.


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It’s weird to think about how your birth is a fixed point in time but your death is constantly moving based on the decisions you make. The length of your life is always fluctuating.



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Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair


this man has gone too far


Where does Marvel FIND these people?

Imagine - Chris Pratt and Jeremy Renner show up to your door the night of prom and your parents are like WHY DO YOU HAVE TWO DATES AND WHY ARE THEY SO BIG AND BEEFY AND INTIMIDATING but Chris is just like “Nah I’m hair” and Jeremy raises his hand and says “And I’m makeup”

surprisingly well done

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this is it. this is Captain America: The Winter Soldier summed up

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